Marketing in the agro sector in Almería

The agricultural industry in Almería.

To understand the relevance of agromarketing in Almeria, it is important to know some previous data.

Almeria is a reference in the agricultural sector thanks to its extensive area of greenhouses and the large number of companies dedicated to the cultivation and marketing of fruit and vegetable products. With around 31,000 hectares of greenhouses, the province has become a model of innovation and sustainability in intensive agriculture.

The marketing of agricultural products from Almeria

It is worth over 3,900 million euros annually, reflecting the economic importance of this sector in the region and its impact on national and international markets. More than 13,000 agricultural operations operate in the province, many of them linked to cooperatives and key associations in the agromarketing and promotion of local products.

In addition, Almeria has a large ecosystem of companies that provide essential inputs for agriculture, such as plant nutrition, phytosanitary products and seeds. It is estimated that around 150 agricultural nutrition companies, approximately 200 plant protection companies and around 50 seed companies operate in the province, demonstrating the strength and diversity of the sector in the region.

Agromarketing in Almeria. 5 key points to work on.


Highlighting the commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in agricultural production in Almeria will help to position the region’s brand in a differentiated way. Effectively communicating innovative and environmentally friendly practices, such as the use of renewable energy and water recycling, will reinforce the perception of environmental responsibility in the area.

DIGITALIZACIÓN. TEAMPATHY AGROMARKETINGInnovation and digitalisation in promotion

Agromarketing in Almeria must adapt to digital and technological trends to reach a wider audience. Marketing is much more than designing a website and in 2023 it is almost mandatory for agribusinesses in Almeria to implement more comprehensive and global digital marketing strategies. This includes social media management and presence, the creation of regular and professional content (quality images and/or videos, use of relevant hashtags, creation of publishing schedules, etc.), the development of e-commerce platforms, and the use of advertising platforms such as Meta Ads and Google ADS. In addition, it is imperative to promote the adoption of precision technologies and smart farming. This will ensure increased interest and attract consumers and partners. A must in a region with so much competition.


Creating memorable experiences and events related to agriculture in Almeria can be an effective marketing tool. Organising fairs, exhibitions, tastings and farm visits will allow consumers to connect with the products and their producers, generating loyalty and appreciation for the brand. In this case it is necessary not to do what all companies do, use creativity and work with professionals who understand experiential marketing and how to generate links and memories in those attending these events.


Creating an attractive and transparent narrative about Almeria’s agricultural products is key to establishing emotional connections with consumers. Sharing stories about the origin of products, agricultural practices and local producers, together with traceability and certifications, will generate trust and loyalty in the market.


Agromarketing in Almeria should foster collaboration between producers, cooperatives, associations and other actors in the agricultural sector. Establishing alliances and co-branding strategies will boost the visibility and scope of Almeria’s agriculture, as well as sharing knowledge and experiences to promote innovation and improve positioning in national and international markets.

Planning in Agromarketing in Almería

Planning is an essential component of any marketing strategy, and in agromarketing it takes on even greater relevance due to the particularities and dynamics of the agricultural sector. The seasonal and cyclical nature of agriculture means that key events such as planting dates, crop phenological stages, pest and disease seasons, and market fluctuations must be meticulously considered when designing and implementing marketing strategies.

Anticipation in Agromarketing in Almeria

In agromarketing, careful planning allows companies to anticipate the needs of their customers and adapt their offerings to changing market demands. It also helps to optimise the use of resources, such as inventory management and product distribution, avoiding possible losses and improving profitability. Efficient planning also facilitates informed investment and new product development decisions based on industry trends and data.

3 Examples of the importance of agromarketing planning in Almería

EMPRESAS INSUMOS ALMERIAPlant nutrition companies

This type of company should take into account the phenological phases of the crops in their marketing or promotional activities.

Tomato. Teampathy Agromarketing agency in Almería, Spain.Tomato.

A campaign to promote root enhancers should start in June, since sowing takes place from the end of July and throughout August.

Watermelon. Teampathy Agromarketing agency in Almería, Spain.Watermelon.

A campaign of products to increase the size of the fruit should start in February as most of the plantations enter the fattening phase in March.

EMPRESAS DE FITOSANITARIOSPlant protection companies

In this case, due to the nature of the products they commercialise, the times of proliferation of pests and diseases must be taken into account when designing, planning and executing marketing actions.

Whitefly. Teampathy Agromarketing agency in Almería, Spain.Whitefly.

Its greatest incidence is during the hottest months, therefore, product campaigns to control this pest must be carried out before these hot periods.

Botrytis. Teampathy Agromarketing agency in Almería, Spain.Botrytis.

It attacks when humidity rises and temperatures drop, usually between November and February. Therefore, a campaign to sell fungicide for this disease should be planned as early as October or even at the end of summer.

CASAS DE SEMILLAS. teampathy agencia de publicidad almeriaSeed companies

For seed companies, it is particularly important to take into account the sowing times of the different crops. Good anticipation will be essential as seed companies can usually sell their seeds up to 3-4 months before sowing.


Tomatoes are sown from the end of July and all of August, but the farmer usually has already decided which seed he will plant in May. In other words, a tomato seed campaign should be planned as early as April.


The main sowing period is in February. The farmer has made his decision in December, so a watermelon seed campaign should be closed and ready for October-November.

Agromarketing in Almeria: What is being done?

In general, radio is the channel most widely used by all companies, as well as the use of billboards. Within these generalities there are several companies that stand out in different aspects or approaches to agromarketing.

Here we highlight some of them for having achieved a style, focusing on a channel that has made them stand out from the rest or being recognisable in a differentiated way for their special approaches.


In its 2021-22 campaign, it has stood out with its creativities in which it personalised fruit and vegetables.

agromarketing en almeria. hazera pimiento

agromarketing en Almería. Hazera

Unica Group

With its constant use of social networks, its promotion of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture.

Unica Group- Agromarketing en Almería.

Meridiem Seeds

It stands out for organising events with personalities from different fields. A few days ago they held the event «Gala de los Pimientos» whose star guest was Nuria Fergó.

Meridiem-Seeds.-Gala- Agromarketing en Almería.


Bayer Seminis

Like Meridien, it stands out for organising big events such as its «Desafío en la cocina» (Challenge in the kitchen) competition, like Master Chef, in which the participants were technicians from the sector.


It stands out for its participation in trade fairs and its alliance with the Eagle Patrol and its characteristic merchandising. A very interesting alliance as they share very important values such as preparation for decision-making, teamwork and the need to take control.

brandt y patrulla aguila


It stands out for the creation of its podcast «Feeding with Innovation» which can be found on its Spotify and iVoox channels. As they state on their website: «This series of podcasts aims to bring the public closer to the rural environment through a review of both the company’s current affairs and topics of interest to the sector, whether related to sustainability, innovation, crop problems, agricultural policy, trends in agri-food…».



Vellsam, which has just made a strategic alliance with Del Monte. This type of action, which is a clear commitment to health, is absolutely relevant in today’s market and within a strategic business and marketing plan.

Vellsam y Del Monte.



With its commitment to sustainability. This aspect is increasingly important for the brand image and Fertiberia knows how to do it with sense and great purpose. They have reached agreements with Heineken to set up a pioneering project in the production of sustainable malting barley from green hydrogen.  Another outstanding project in this direction is the construction in Huelva of a demo plant for the recovery of nutrients from bio-waste and their valorisation in the fertiliser industry.


Surprise in agricultural marketing in Almería.

Something that is striking is that none of these companies advertise on social networks or search engines. Undoubtedly a missed opportunity and one that in such a competitive market is difficult to understand.

Good digital marketing can make a significant difference to the success of agricultural businesses in Almeria. And to do so, it is increasingly necessary to be trained and up to date with the new tools and peculiarities of this digital world. Possessing the skills, experience and tools necessary to design and implement efficient strategies adapted to the needs of the agricultural sector is very necessary.

Having experts in agromarketing in Almeria and in Online Advertising

Companies will benefit from increased online visibility, better targeting and a more effective approach to promoting their products and services. Furthermore, by outsourcing these functions to specialists, companies will be able to focus their resources and efforts on their core activities, optimising the time management and performance of their internal team.

In an increasingly competitive and digitised market, having a digital marketing team specialising in key areas is a smart investment that will contribute to growth and brand consolidation in the agricultural sector.

If you understand the importance of all this and believe it can be applied to your company, do not hesitate to contact us ( At Teampathy, we will be happy to help you compete in 2023 with all the strategies and tools that digital marketing already has available.


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